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UPDATE - How to manually use a BDD Task Sequence to test application installation

UPDATE - How to manually use a BDD Task Sequence to test application installation

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In a previous post I detailed the process for using a cut down version of the task sequence to test application installation, unfortunately this process has not worked for a number of people so I thought I should add the following tip.

If you leave any folders behind then make sure that you remove any conditions. A example of this is the folder for the state restore phase, when using the custom task sequence BDD will see that it is not in the state restore phase and skip the folder. This means that non of the tasks in that folder will be run. The screen shot below shows the condition that should be removed.

Another good tip is to leave the "Gather local only" task in your task sequence as this will then ensure that the BDD environment variables are collected. These are then able to be used by other scripts.

UPDATE - 01/09/08

MDT 2008 now includes built in support for custom task sequences and you do not need to use this process.

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  • How often when creating a your perfect image do you find that you run through image build process only

  • Ben, When I do your method,and launch the litetouch.vbs file, it brings up the refresh computer screen and not the Custom task installs that I thought it would. any suggestions ? trying to get the custom tasks additions ive done to launch and test. as you know, it take forever to do a complete build only to find out you fat fingered some code. I think this process will help, just need some assistance. Thanks in advance. Jared Wetmore

  • Hi Jared, That is expected behaviour, you should just ignore all of the screens accept the one that prompts you to select the build.

  • Hello,

    please provide me the command to add on custom task in BDD lite touch so machine can logoff after os is deployed and application is installed. I want to run a custom task to logoff the machine automatically after application installation. I have tried the command : shutdown -l but no luck..task seq..return error warning..please help

  • Hi Riz, there are two options that you could use.

    The first option is to update the LiteTouch.wsf file, to add a reboot after the cleanup is performed.

    Here is an example:

    ' Clean up



    WScript.Sleep 600000  ' Wait for the system to be rebooted out from under the script

    The second is to add a task at the end of the task sequence that runs the following command:

    c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 10 -c "Rebooting the PC to complete the Build"

    This allows for a full reboot which enables a lot of things in group policy and allows a reboot to complete the installs of some post image software. By setting it to 10 seconds it also allows the wizard to complete which then runs the clean up.

  • hello Ben,

    many did work but i have 1 query..if you dont mind...please...

    as i try option 2 with c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 10 -c "Rebooting the PC to complete the Build" Promt n then click close..WHT i m looking is it should automatically logoff without myself pressing close...

  • Hi Riz,

    If you have a look at the help for the shutdown command you will see there are a number of different options. It should work the way it is but you can remove the comment and it will definitely automatically reboot without needing to press close.

  • Hello Ben,

    Many Thanks for your reply.

    I will give it a go n let you know

  • hello ben,

    many thanks for your help n reply.

    How to customize System Management Server - BDD Lite touch installation screen which runs thruout the installation from start to finish of application installation. Is there any way i can customize the image and modify the my user will see customize image...?


  • I am not sure which screen you are refering to. But if you are talking about the Task Sequencer progress box the answer is no you cannot configure it.

  • hello ben,

    see the below url..i have upload the bdd lite touch screen i m refering to

  • That screen cannot be customised.

  • Hello Ben,


    In my current bdd lite touch installation..all the applications are installed by default local administrator i need to modify script in order to run the installation with the domain account or just change the unattend.xml with domain account login..? i m not sure whether application installation is done by bdd task sequence script or by unattend.xml

  • BDD will install all applications as the local administrator. You do not need to modify any scripts too use the domain admin account as BDD does npt need to use it. When installing applications I prefer to add them as applications in the deployment workbench then add them into the task sequence.

  • Hello Ben,

    Many are real genius n ur site has been very useful resource. I have 1 big issue with my current BDD Lite touch installation. After specifying computername, join domain, n selecting image to install with application..n then bdd lite touch installation start n the show me the time & currency, keyboard layout , language to install windows..which is a winpe screen...n i click Next n then prmpt me to type your Product key for activation..I am using MAK license..n i have already specified in my customsettings.ini OverrideProducKey=XXXX-XXX...but still i get this 2 prompt...i am been searching on google but no there any bug ? i m using Vista BUSINESS upgrade DVD of Jan 2007 which we recieve as a volume license customer...