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  • Blog Post: Office version numbers

    Version Product Comments 8.01.3817 Office 97 Microsoft Outlook 97 Microsoft Exchange Server 10.3117.2625 Outlook 2002 303835 ( The Outlook View Control exposes a security vulnerability in Outlook 2002 ...
  • Blog Post: AutoDate is awesome!

    I recently discovered the AutoDate feature in Microsoft Outlook. AutoDate allows you to type an English representation of a date (or defined holiday) that Outlook will then convert, to the appropriate date value. To illustrate this typing in the word “Christmas” would be recognized by Outlook and converted...
  • Blog Post: RSS Feeds, multiple profiles and the common feed list.

    Outlook 12 maintains a store of all RSS feeds called the common feed list. When this option is enabled it will automaticaly replicate your RSS feeds accross all logged in profiles for the currently logged in user. In order to disable/ enable this feature you will need to goto Tools + Options + Advanced...
  • Blog Post: Duplicates Remover For Outlook

    I have heard many people talk about a duplicate remover for Outlook before. Anyway Rich Tehrani has an interesting blog article on this over here .
  • Blog Post: Outlook tasks from OneNote shared notebook.

    Olya Veselova has an awesome article about assigning Outlook tasks from OneNote shared notebooks over here .
  • Blog Post: Forcing an alias resolution in Outlook.

    Have you ever entered a person’s alias and had the “Check Names” dialogue displayed by the AutoComplete feature? This is something that I have experienced from time to time when sending mail to my colleges. Now don’t get me wrong AutoComplete is an awesome feature when you want to search for a person...