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  • Office version numbers

    Version Product Comments 8.01.3817 Office 97 Microsoft Outlook 97 Microsoft Exchange Server 10.3117.2625 Outlook 2002 303835 ( The Outlook View Control exposes...
  • An alternative search engine

    I just discovered Ms. Dewey ; a search engine written in Flash (with loads of attitude). Well worth looking at when you have some spare time (and the results appear to be coming from
  • Internet Explorer 7 released!

    Its here ! After nearly two years Internet Explorer 7 has been released
  • Windows Desktop Search and the indexing of files .

    I was chatting to a person the other day and they wanted to know how Windows Desktop Search (WDS) indexes different file types. Specifically I was asked if WDS handled this in a different way to popular search applications like Beagle . Fortunately...
  • Duplicates Remover For Outlook

    I have heard many people talk about a duplicate remover for Outlook before. Anyway Rich Tehrani has an interesting blog article on this over here .
  • Outlook tasks from OneNote shared notebook.

    Olya Veselova has an awesome article about assigning Outlook tasks from OneNote shared notebooks over here .
  • Forcing an alias resolution in Outlook.

    Have you ever entered a person’s alias and had the “Check Names” dialogue displayed by the AutoComplete feature? This is something that I have experienced from time to time when sending mail to my colleges. Now don’t get me wrong AutoComplete is an awesome...
  • AutoDate is awesome!

    I recently discovered the AutoDate feature in Microsoft Outlook. AutoDate allows you to type an English representation of a date (or defined holiday) that Outlook will then convert, to the appropriate date value. To illustrate this typing in the word...
  • Let the marketing begin...

    The Windows Vista marketing has begun, and it is good! Demetri Martin " hosts" the site which is about Vista . I don’t want to go into a lot of detail talking about the specifics of the site as I want you to be able to get an unbiased...