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SRA and AppWrap FAQ

SRA and AppWrap FAQ

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Here are answers to various F.A.Q. I received over the years for SRA and AppWrap:

1) In the SRA config file, is the application type case sensitive?

Answer: No

2) When I make changes to the SRA configuration, do I need to activate?

Answer: You should, but it’s not 100% mandatory. Once you save your changes, UAG picks up the new file, but it will not apply to existing sessions. In such a situation, you can simply restart IIS to make the changes apply. However, activation is still *very* important, because it stores the configuration in TMG. If you don’t, then a restart of the UAG server or its services will re-read the file from TMG storage and overwrite the file on-disk, wiping the changes you made…or even the custom file itself. Another reason for needing to activate is that it also propagates the changes to other UAG array members.

3) In the SRA config file, is the URL case sensitive?

Answer: No

4) When I configure an SRA S&R or Add_signature, does it change ALL instances in a file, or just the 1st?

Answer: All instanced that match are affected

5) When do I need to perform Base64 encoding?

Answer: when the text contains XML forbidden characters < > and &

6) Are the commands in SRA, like ADD_SIGNATURE case sensitive?

Answer: Yes

7) Are the parameters in commands, like "Location" and "after" case sensitive?

Answer: No

8) Does the CustomUpdate XML should be just the ‘delta’ or full XML modified?

Answer: The Custom XML should only be the delta, and contain only changes you want to make, and not the entire default file. In fact, it’s important to NOT copy over the fill default file, as this causes UAG to work harder, processing everything twice. Also, it makes it a lot harder to support, as it may be hard to find, within the modified file, where changes were made.

9) Does Appwrap/xml version that is listed at the top of the file (for example, “<APP_WRAP ver="3.0" id="RemoteAccess_HTTPS.xml">”) matters? Do we need to change that, if we update UAG?

Answer: No – the version or ID are only relevant for administrative purposes.

10) What is the processing order of SRA and AppWrap?

Answer: When UAG delivers a requested page to the client, SRA processes the file first, followed by AppWrap.


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