Sometimes, after activating the UAG configuration, you might find yourself receiving error 403.14 when connecting to the trunk from the outside. This looks like this:


This means that the UAG website on IIS has not been configured correctly, and the error means it doesn’t have a default document configured. With IIS website, this is easy to fix, but with UAG, the proper way to fix this is to have UAG recreate the IIS websites. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on all your trunks, one-by-one, and choose Disable. Do this for HTTPS and HTTP trunks until all are disabled.


2. Activate your configuration, and wait for it to complete

3. Right-click and Enable your trunks back, and then activate the configuration again.

Following this, your server should be back to normal. Occasionally, especially on very busy servers, you might need to go through this cycle more than once to resolve it, but eventually, it resets correctly.