Two weeks ago, we sent an e-mail to the IT Pro community in Belgium and Luxembourg on our customer and partner satisfaction survey. If you haven’t read this e-mail, you can find it here.

Based on the results of the previous satisfaction survey waves, we already invested in several changes both at Corporate and in our local Belgium and Luxembourg subsidiary. The full list is too long (and probably too boring) to list, but here are some of these changes we applied:

  1. Continuous efforts are made to improve our product quality and security. We hope that you'll appreciate our results in many of our current products as well as the upcoming Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
  2. Improved information on Microsoft's licensing programs, with a clear focus on the practical uses.
  3. Better communication via the TechNet newsletters as well as via our regularly updated websites.
  4. Save time by learning from behind your desk with e-learning programs and webcasts; TechNet events are also recorded for online replay via TechNet Chopsticks at your convenience.

If you receive an invitation to participate in the survey from IPSOS (the company that is executing the survey for us), we would kindly like to ask you to complete the survey. By doing this, you can link your reply to our sponsoring program for the UNICEF Belgium project "Schools for Africa". For each completed survey, we engage ourselves to donate - on your behalf - the necessary amount equivalent to school material for 2 schoolchildren for a whole school year!

Do you have questions on this program? Please use the contact form on this blog, or the e-mail address that is listed in our e-mail (find the link at the top of this e-mail).