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April, 2007

  • Clustered SQL Server 2005: is MSDTC required?

    If you have a clustered SQL Server instance, with SSIS or Notification Services or Workstation components the definitive answer is YES, you need to install MSDTC. And it has to be clustered. Source:
  • SQLIOSim

    SQLIOSim is a great utility to perform tests on disk subsystems. These tests simulate read, write, checkpoint, backup, sort, and read-ahead activities for Microsoft SQL Server. The SQLIOSim utility has been upgraded from the SQLIOStress utility and...
  • Two SQL Server Events for Microsoft Premier Customers! Microsoft TVP - Reading - U.K.

    If you are a Microsoft Premier customer involved with SQL Server, there are two great events scheduled that you can't miss: SQL Server 2005 Developer Productivity Day Thursday 19th April The event is designed for Database Developers who...
  • SQL Server 2005 Books Online Scoped Search

    A customized Windows Live search built by using Windows Live Search Macros, that limits results to SQL Server Books Online. Try it at ! What are search Macros? Have you ever...