Last week I had the opportunity to visit both Edmonton and Winnipeg as part of the TechNet Innovations tour and User Group Tour.  I had the opportunity to meet lots of great IT Pro's and answer lots of questions.  For both the Edmonton Microsoft User Group and Winnipeg IT Pro User Group we had a great discussion about Microsoft Small Business Server.  If you are an IT Pro in either Edmonton or Winnipeg, and are not already a member of the user group, you may want to check them out.

There were a couple of things that we talked about during the TechNet session; one of them was the TechNet Innovation Award.  To quote the website:

The TechNet Canada Innovation Award is awarded to a Canadian IT Professional who is a bright star in the IT community. The Innovation Award is given in recognition of Canadian IT professionals who make a positive impact using Microsoft-based technology.

Well, now you can go ahead and nominate yourself or a fellow IT Pro for the award.  Check out for more information.  We also talked about the Discover TechNet quiz with the chance to win an XBox (and to see how well you know the team).  Take a look at before October 31st, 2005.

One of the recurring questions that I got asked was about the ClearPC demo boxes that we use.  Well here is some more information on the configuration of the hardware:


Depending on the demos that we are doing, these machines are either configured with Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 x64.  For the upcoming , you might see these machines running SQL Server 64-bit on Windows Server 2003 x64.

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