A couple of years ago, it occurred to me that we all belong to Generation App.  Regardless of if we are a coder developing apps, a conceiver thinking of great ideas for apps, or a consumer that loves to use Apps – we are all a part of Generation App.  Regardless of device, where we are, or what we are doing, we want applications that transcend limitations.  And so, in my mind, Generation App was born.  And it couldn’t be a more exciting time for Microsoft to be right in the middle of the app phenomenon with Windows 8!  The Windows Store is open…. so start building and consuming apps!  Thousands of developers are taking advantage of the Windows 8 opportunity to create immersive app experiences that reach millions of Windows users across hundreds of devices with a single app.  This means thousands of apps for you to choose from on your Windows 8 device!  
As a marketer, I get excited every day to see the new apps that have launched in the Windows Store.  Are you a world class traveler?  Do you love to read?  Are you an avid sports fan?  Are you a stay at home mom?  Or a retiree who wants to stay connected and updated?  We have a Windows 8 app
for that!  To help you stay updated on all of the cool new apps in the Windows Store, I am starting an “App of the Week” blog  that highlights a new app each week across a variety of topics including entertainment, sports, books, news, food, lifestyle, travel, finance, education and more. 
To kick things off, this week I’m highlighting the Khan Academy App.  Khan Academy’s (KA) app for Windows 8 is the best way to view KA’s complete library of over 3,800 videos.  The app covers a massive number of topics, including K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even humanities with tutorials on finance and history.  Khan Academy is our most popular app in the Education category, with Windows 8-only features that enable consumers to watch videos on TV via Xbox 360.  
Welcome to Generation App…. follow me each week to stay up to date on the coolest new apps in the Windows Store. 
Allison L. Watson