Today marks the launch of Halo 4 and the much anticipated return of Master Chief!

Gamers anxiously lined up outside many retail stores last night that had  midnight Halo 4 celebrations, and similarly Microsofties were lined up outside the Microsoft Company store to be the first to get their copy of Halo 4.  The Halo live action trailers and customer integrations started on TV over the weekend, ending on Sunday evening with a Master Chief debut during the Fox NFL pre-game show. 

Halo 4 will surely be at the top of many wish lists this holiday season, but Halo is just a small part of how Microsoft is innovating through the reimagining of Xbox as a full entertainment platform.


Xbox is now so much more than just gaming, Xbox is a full entertainment experience.  Music, Movies and TV, Games, Fitness, Sports, and Holiday are ALL Xbox!   Use your Xbox to easily find the movies and TV you love, control them with your tablet or smartphone, and take them with you on the go.  Enjoy your favorite music – from music videos to artist-based radio – in your living room or take them with you on your TV, tablet, or smartphone.   Bring your favorite sports together, and get exclusive features that transform an ordinary game into an extraordinary experience.  Now that’s the ultimate entertainment experience!
Xbox is just another way that Microsoft is moving boldly forward into this New Era and Reimagining what’s possible with technology.  Shipwrecked in a mysterious world and faced with new enemies and deadly technology, the Halo universe will never be the same…. I say with Xbox as an entertainment platform, your living room will never be the same!
Allison L. Watson