Welcome to Windows 8!  Friday was a huge milestone for Microsoft, it’s partners and most importantly our customers.  Windows 8, Windows 8 devices, and Surface RT are now available at our Microsoft Retail Stores, our 34 NEW Holiday Stores and across our 8,000+ Channel Retailers including Best Buy and Staples.   

I was on hand at the launch here in Redmond and had a chance to stop by the Microsoft store to see the lines of people waiting to buy Windows 8 and Windows Surface RT devices.  It was incredible!  Here are a few pics.  It was fun to walk up and down the lines to show people the new Surface RT devices and get them excited about Windows 8.

Windows 8 is a revolutionary experience, with a beautiful and innovative interface that keeps you updated at a glance.  I have been running this modern ui myself for almost a year and can’t imagine being without it.  Each tile on the Start screen is connected to a person, app, website, playlist, or whatever else is important to you. Tiles light up with the latest info, so you're instantly up to date. With new things like the Start screen, charms, and a Microsoft account, you can spend less time searching and more time doing. And then there's the Windows Store, a completely new marketplace for apps.  Windows 8 and Windows RT give you access to the Windows Store, where you can discover a new world of apps for your PC. Just tap or click the Store tile and start exploring. So explore and load up on apps—the more you have, the more you can do.

And the Windows 8 devices are amazing.  Windows 8 and Windows RT are focused on your life—your friends and family, your apps, and your stuff.  With radically updated designs, more raw processing power, touch-enabled displays, and startup times of less than ten seconds in many cases, it's a brand new era for PCs. Whether it’s Windows Surface RT or one of the many Windows 8 devices from our partners, there are options for everyone.  Here’s a great CNET article that overviews all of the devices launching this week.  Windows 8, combined with these amazing devices is designed to stay with us both at work and at play, they are powerful and portable, and help us do more. 

I encourage you to view the Windows 8 website to find out more!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Watch the Windows 8 commercials and share them with your friends!  BUY a Surface or Windows 8 device and find out for yourself how Windows 8 will help you have more fun, be more productive, and unlock new possibilities.