Just a quick shout out to Jon Landau, the producer of Avatar and Titanic who came out recently and gave my team, Microsoft's US Marketing and Operations, a great talk.  It seems apropos that I am posting about an Academy Award winner just a day after the Oscars!

For marketer's, Jon's talk really hit home with his laser focus on how we would reach our intended audience.  A few top line messages from Jon's talk were how to romance the customer, and how to create customer desire.  Jon talked about the need to romance the customer and that you just can’t convince them without emotion and feeling.  You have to take your customer on a great journey that puts them at the center of the experience.  If you do that, you will romance them.  Jon also talked about how marketing has to capture the essence of what you are offering.  You can’t just sell to a customer, you must create desire for whatever it is that you are selling. 

…and how cool is it that he let us take a picture with his Academy Award!

Thanks Jon!