How many prospects are you trying influence with your marketing?  This question should come up frequently as you plan and execute any marketing effort. Is it thousands?  Tens of thousands?  Or just a few hundred?  What’s your magic number?

I would assert that with the advent of social media and immersive digital marketing you should change how you think by multiplying by 10X or even 100X.  This is because:

  • The Rise Of Integrated, Digital Campaigns Drives Reach:  It’s now possible to reach out to prospects through digital marketing and create immersive experiences that are sticky and can be viewed by any of the billions of people connected to the Internet.
  • Recognize Your Customers Are Already Here And Customer Centricity:  It’s now possible to really hear what the customer wants and to react to that want in almost real-time.  Therefore, you can fine tune on the move, which opens your message to larger audiences.
  • Campaigns Are Multi-Modal:  It’s now possible to reach prospects in multiple ways.  We are no longer locked to just a TV or a radio.  Via the Internet and digital marketing, we can reach any person plugged into the grid.  At home or work.  On the go or stationary.  On a huge variety of devices.  Anywhere. 
  • Big or Small:  Small companies can now reach huge audiences.  What a great time to be the little guy!
  • Supported With Analytics:  And we have the data to make real-time decisions about how effective that marketing is, right now!

So the next time you are planning a campaign, ask yourself, “should I be trying to reach 500 prospects, or 500,000?”