Last Monday, I visited LINQ360; a Microsoft partner led Innovation Center.  20 Microsoft partners have banded together with the Nevada Development Authority to show off how their various solutions built on Microsoft technology work together to meet customer needs.  Specifically, they are focused on helping build the Nevada technology business, engage students in technology, and involve customers in how technology innovation can drive new business for them.  To read a little more about Linq360, check out this news report and visit their website.

Here are a few pictures we took while there. 

Here is a hotel room mockup: 

A showcase for the various partners:

Kudo’s to Scott Garrison, the President of Linq360;  A. Somer Hollingsworth, President and CEO of the Nevada Development Authority, and Tiffany Price, our Microsoft Account Manager for LINQ360 on a great job!  Here we are all together with the LINQ360 crew:

Check out LINQ360 on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out more. 

Thanks for the great visit!