I recently read an article in the September issue of Harvard Business Review that struck a chord with me.  Namely, the act of managing a business or organization has become amazingly complex.  And we all need to find ways to live with that complexity.  To not let it intefere with our ability to make good decisions.   

As I look across industry, I find that even the simplest of businesses have become complex.  For mid-market and enterprise business, the average organization has become so complex that even the most experienced of managers have trouble sorting through the myriad interdependencies and reams of data available to them so they can make good decisions. 

So how do you live with this complexity?  How can you make good decisions?  How can you find "the key" information.  This HBR article tackles this subject and provides a simple set of rules that managers can use to make good decisions.  It's worth a read!