I’m staking out a piece of the web to have a conversation with you about marketing, leadership, technology, partnering, and sales.  More specifically, I’m looking to have a conversation with you on a number of subjects, including the following:

  • How are IT and Marketing coming together? 
    Traditionally, these disciplines were silo’d. That is no longer the case as the two disciplines must interact in businesses of all sizes.
  • How are you making decisions in your organization using analytics? 
    How do you do insight driven marketing?  How can you sort through the data you have about your marketing efforts to help you drive great decisions?
  • How are you breaking through the marketplace noise to reach prospects and customers? 
    Especially with the proliferation of social media driven marketing, the signal to noise ratio has gotten out of hand.  How can you break through to reach your customer?

Along the way, I’m going to share insights from the executive shop on these and other rapidly changing subjects and I hope you’ll join  me.