Windows Phone: Internet Sharing Feature Now Available on HTC Mozart after Firmware Revision.

Windows Phone: Internet Sharing Feature Now Available on HTC Mozart after Firmware Revision.

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Last week I blogged about the firmware update I received for my HTC Mozart running Mango RTM. Here is the quick summary.

I received 2 updates. First it updated Firmware from 2250.21.40600.707 to 2250.21.50001.707 on 8th Oct.
And Second updated Firmware from 2250.21.50001.707 to 2250.21.51001.707 on 21st Oct—aa


After installing this firmware update, as seen in the screenshot, it upgraded Firmware. Firmware revision from 2250.21.50001.707 to 2250.21.51001.707.

New Feature: INTERNET SHARING feature is now enabled on my HTC Mozart. You can connect up to 5 Guests i.e. 5 users can connect.

To enable INTENRET SHARING. Just to go Settings –> INTENRNE SHARING is now available. This will make your HTC Phone as a Wireless Broadcast Device.

For security you can setup a Password with Min. 8 characters.


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  • Is the firmware official release?

  • Yes. It is available now.

  • I did an update today but it's not showing the internet connection sahring, I'm using HTC mozart , mango

  • I dont see it on my Phone. I just got one of those updates. Any ideas?

  • You appear to be the only person in the world that has received the firmware updates that enable tethering on the Mozart.

  • Hello Aviraj, I'm Simon Luk from Hong Kong. I'm also a Windows Phone user, but using HTC HD7 instead of HTC 7 Mozart. As mentioned in your article, you've received a firmware upgrade from 50001 to 51001 and you commented that it is now officially released. However, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, there is no such upgrade available. The recent upgrade only turns the Bootloader from version 4.X to 5.0. Is this firmware only officially released in your region, i.e. India, or not?

  • Where are you located because I've got a HTC 7 Mozart (HTC T8697) with Telstra in Australia and I haven't received the Oct 8th Firmware update OR the Oct 21st Firmware update, I've just got the Windows Phone 7.5 Update & Firmware 2250.21.40060.841 =/

  • Did the update appear on your phone or did you use Zune to check for updates?

  • Quick update. I am from India.

    I received the updates via Zune just like any other update. I have started seeing people getting the first update in last 2-3 days running HTC Mozart Mango Build.

    Also, as I mentioned on the blog. The update is from OEM.

  • what the diff for the new firmware update 2250.21.40060.84??

  • But when my phone update by zune, i can't see any firmware number and RFU.

    i think maybe it is internal update for MSFT!?

    anyaway Thanks for your response.

  • no 510001 or wat evr recieved...will keep checking though

  • Yes. This is an official release. The update has is from HTC. It is not an internal Microsoft update. This model-specific "firmware" from handset maker HTC that enabled the feature Internet Sharing.

    If you visit the official Windows Phone Blog

    It has mentioned...

    One last thing. Next week we’ll start delivering some model-specific “firmware” from handset makers, so don’t be alarmed if you receive an additional update notification on your phone. These updates are designed to activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features or improve your phone’s performance. Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model.

    Thank You.

  • "One last thing. Next week we’ll start delivering some model-specific “firmware”"

    The week has come and gone and still no one seems to have the HTC Mozart firmware updates as 'Someone' suggested I think it is an internal update for MSFT.

  • Anyone else had a HTC Mozart firmware update yet?