Microsoft Office Live Meeting using Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft Office Live Meeting using Internet Explorer 9 Beta

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In my previous post I covered how can you access Office Live WorkSpace from Internet Explorer 9 Beta On the similar note I have experienced some of the challenges while connecting to the Live Meeting using Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Last week I was about to attend an internal meeting using Live Meeting and since I was not connecting from Outlook, I copied my Live Meeting Link and pasted it in the browser’s address bar i.e. IE 9 Beta. Instead of opening the RTC file or giving any option to Open/Save, it landed me on the following page. You can see the link in the address bar.


Generally, presenter & attendee links look like this…<company>/join?id=<Meetind Id>&role=present&pw=<Presenter Entry Code><company>/join?id=<Meetind Id>&role=attend&pw=<Attendee Entry Code>


Now, once you see the above image, you can see the Compatibility View button in the RED BOX. Just click onto it, the moment click it will reload the page or you can just press F5.

You will be able to see the Compatibility View button will be highlighted in the image below. When you click on the Compatibility Button in IE 9, it will add site in the Compatibility View Settings. It is available in Tools Menu. Press Alt+T to see the Tools Menu.


Just click on Open and you can join the Live Meeting. From now on when you open copy/paste Live Meeting link in the browser it will directly open up this option to open Launch.rtc file rather than showing previous option.


Over the time you will see lot of improvements in the browser. Do share your feedback with the teams so that we can improve it further.

Have A Happy Meeting.

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  • This was a helpful post.  The icon for compatibility mode is very subtle, and average users won't dig into the menu until told, or if they know what they are looking for.  

    With ie8 I never got the prompt to open or save launch.rtc... I found the KB article below and tried to use method #3 but the RTC extension is already associated with the specified program.  (As best I can tell, the path is different for Win7 than Vista and KB does not have steps for Win7.  Any suggestions?

  • Nothing happens after I click on Open Launch.rtc - I cannot join the Meeting with IE 9

  • Thanks for this. Will have to try this workaround. Earlier trying to join the meet used to crash IE9 beta.

  • nice post it will help us thanks guys!!!

    @ Amit make sure that you installed the Live Meeting 2007 client if not uninstall it,

  • Compatibility mode resolved the issue for me. Thanks for the tip! FWIW, previously I could just click the Install, Accept, and Join button, ignore the setup.exe download, and then click the Join Meeting button to get the launch.rtc/launch.eas file. So, it was more of a nuisance than a showstopper. Ah, the joys of beta testing!

  • this post is really great. i have to admit office life is being made easy by the <a href="">meeting minutes</a> . now people can have meetings away from the office. easy steps to follow to

  • I had to manually add to the compatability view settingsin IE9 RTM, but would never have got there without your help. Thanks!

  • Hi, I was trying to access Live Meeting 2007 (also a MS oroduct) with IE9 beta, but I was not successfull. I have got only a possibility to SAVE (not OPEN) some link, beginning with join.rct ...... . When I try to save it (kclicking on the button), nothing happens!. If I have tried to go to the root of our company's meeting place (<company-name>) I'm again presented to only SAVE the file "join" (588 bytes) but that is not possible, either nothing happens, like I did not click on the save button or te download fails (couldn't be downloaded).

    The Compatibility View BUTTON on the address bar is NOT PRESENT!!! so I cannot even try your suggestion.

    The same situation is with IE9 RTM version. Completely the same. Nothing has changes. MS cannot do heir produts compatible among them :)) what a bad joke on account of the paying users :((((

    I'm using Windows 7 (6.1.7600, 32b), Oifice 2010 (14.0.5128.5000 32b).

    Any help from Microsoft how to get LiveMeeting be working with IE9 (both products of the SAME company?).

    Can someone explain to me how is it possible that IE9 is being release to manufacturers in a version that is not working with other products?



  • I just downloaded IE 9 Beta and I have a different LiveMeeting issue.

    It said it connected and the window opened, but there was nothing in it. The title bar indicated connection. Stranger yet, I was unable to quit the window. It just "pinged" at me when I clicked on the X or used the close from the task bar.

    Is there something else that I need to do to make it work? (

  • This didn't work. I do not see the "OPEN" option.

  • thanks