Well, the pre-days at APC are all booked out, but that doesn't mean I can't tell you what my track will be delivering.

The morning will kick off with a look at the product lineup for FY11, and then I will drill down into Aurora and SBS 7, sharing what we are allowed to share, with some hot off the presses content direct from the product team. How fresh? Well, I haven't seen the final version yet, so hopefully there will be a few nice surprises in there.

After morning tea we will kick on with opportunities in the cloud outside of traditional offerings, with Ross Dembecki talking about CRM Online, and I will follow up with some partner focused content on Windows Intune*, complete with some demonstrations.

Following the lunch break it's time for The Two Jasons to discuss virtualisation and management for SMB from the Microsoft perspective, and how to apply some of our Core IO principals to organisations on a smaller scale. Of course we will do some positioning of Hyper-V, SCE 2010, and the various System Center components.

If there's anything in particular that you would like covered during the day, let me know, and I'll see what I can organise for you.

*Before anybody asks, no dates yet on when the beta will open for Australian partners to start testing it out, but trust me, I'll let you know when it happens.