I do love me some video.  At TechEd last week, the NDA came off CS '14', the successor to OCS that will ship later this year.  Whats new for Video?

  1. VGA conferences.  This is the biggie - in R2 we're limited to lower resolution CIF video for multiparty (you can do VGA and HD for P2P).
  2. Roundtable video - now the Polycom CX5000 - the 360 degree room view video strip is avaiable directly in Communicator in addition to the primary or active speaker video.  In R2 this only works in the Live Meeting client.
  3. New UI - Communicator '14' has undergone a big makeover and video gets its share.  Alpha-blended controls (those semi-transparent controls/labels you see in most web video today) show you who's video you're watching and also let you pause and pop out the video window.  The pop out capability is particularly nice as you can now go full screen in VGA on a second monitor and get the full two screen video conf experience - one screen for data collab; second screen for video.
  4. CAC - bandwidth concerns gave some IT Departments pause in rolling out video.  CAC isnt specific to video - but does give you granular controls on how much bandwidth you'll allow on a particular link for video - both on a per-session and all-up basis.  CAC also allows for edge failover so you can go across the internet for video if your internal links are oversubscribed - very slick.

On the video interop front, couple of new things to call out as well although not specific to 14:

  1. OCS Video Interop article on technet - from me :-)  over on NextHop.
  2. UCIF - meant to raise the bar on interop solutions.  UCIF website here; this site has some more info on it.