The [The selected task “{0}” no longer exists…] issue

The [The selected task “{0}” no longer exists…] issue

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Good morning AskPerf! Over the past couple of years, our customers have opened Support Cases and created forum posts  on the following error when opening Task Scheduler on Windows 7 clients and Windows 2008 R2 Servers:

The selected task “{0}” no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh.


After you click OK to the additional messages, Scheduled Tasks will disappear:


Note your tasks are actually there, but because of this issue, they cannot be seen in the GUI.

There have been multiple resolutions to resolve this issue, however the fix below may be the easiest:

  1. Re-create the missing Scm folder under “%windir%\System32\LogFiles


2. Restart your machine

You should now be able to open Task Scheduler and see your tasks, or at the very least, find the particular task that is triggering this error.

Unfortunately, we are unsure why the Scm folder is getting removed, but can speculate Malware, an Administrator cleaning up files/folders, etc.

If this does not resolve your issue, check the blog post below which points to other resolutions by our forum members.

Error message 'The selected task "{0}" no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh’

Note this blog post will be updated as new information becomes available.


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  • This used to infuriate me to no end!!! Especially on my Media Center PC because the guide was updated via a task. Most other built-in tasks you don't really notice if they're not running even though there are a lot of important "under-the-hood" tasks in there.

    But Task Scheduler would completely bork for me randomly across many systems. Endless web searches and promised workarounds and fixes that never worked. This is the first time I've seen the Scm folder resolution, but I haven't had the problem in so long since upgrading to 8/2012 etc. I hope it never comes back.

    I love the new features in the Task Scheduler and Event Viewer systems since vista/2008, but man they came with a lot of issues too!!! Thankfully things seem to be finally getting better with the latest OS's.

  • I have the scm folder and this "no longer exists" pops right when I open task scheduler gui. It started when I modified the windows time service task.

  • @ZZZ, we do not recommend nor support modifying built-in Scheduled Tasks.

  • I had this problem for a long time too. It turned out to be a problem with my SystemRestore SR task. My solution was to delete the task* and let Windows rebuild it by reconfiguring System Restore (System Properties > System Protection > Protection Settings). (* Actually, I didn't delete it - I moved it from the task folder [C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\SystemRestore] to the Desktop.)

  • Hi Blake. When I select refresh then OK, the same message continues to pop up OR I see "Reading Data Failed" under Task Stutus, Active Tasks and to the left of the "Refresh" button. Any fixes for this? Thanks much.

  • @Charleen: It sounds like you may have multiple Scheduled Tasks that are actually corrupt. If you can narrow down which ones, then you could possibly delete them, and re-import them from a working server.