Understanding How You Use This Blog

Understanding How You Use This Blog

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We are doing some research into how our readers view our blogs and how we can improve them.  To that end, we are conducting a survey of our blog readers.  Below is the request from Ed Jolly, one of our directors:

Greetings Blog Readers,

My name is Ed Jolly, and I am a director in the Commercial Technical Support (CTS) organization at Microsoft.  I am here to request a few minutes of your time.

We would like to learn more about blog readership through a brief survey.  This is an opportunity for us to better understand what is valuable to you and what you would like to see in the future.

Below is a link that will take you to another website to complete the survey.  Based on what we learn, we may request more feedback in future surveys like this.  When you open the survey, you will see a list of blogs that CTS engineers contribute to across many different products.  We have not posted a listing of these blogs in the past, and I hope it helps you find other blogs that are helpful to you.

The blog survey is completely anonymous.

  • Location: [LINK REMOVED - 8/23]
  • Availability:  Until August 22.  You may receive a request to complete this survey through multiple RSS feeds.  You need only to complete it one time.
  • Length: The survey can be a maximum of 11 questions.
  • Time: Less than 5 minutes (but providing more information in the open text fields may take a minute or two extra, improving our ability to understand your needs in these blogs).

Thank you in advance for your time, participation and assistance.

Ed Jolly (edjolly@microsoft.com)


  • 8/23/2008 - removed link to web survey.  Survey closed on 8/22
  • Hi Hameed,

    I had some problem with the survey.

    after filling in the text fields the next page could not be displayed so i could finish the survey.

    The page cannot be displayed

    regards Horst

  • It would help if we didn't get a http 500 error when pressing next on 83% complete. :(

  • Horst / Sam - I've passed your comments on to Ed Jolly to investigate.  Thank you for reporting this - I went through the survey myself and did not encounter issues, so I'm not entirely sure why you are running into problems.  If you'd like, you can send your survey feedback directly to me (use the "Email" link on the right hand side) and I can pass it along to Ed.

    Thank you again for reporting this!

    - CC Hameed

  • Quick update on the HTTP 500 Error messages.  When we set up the survey, we requested that the comment fields have a 1,000 character limit.  Unfortunately, the survey company only had the field limit set to 256 characters which was why some people were getting the HTTP 500 errors.

    Horst / Sam - thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The survey should work fine now with the full 1,000 character limit for each field, so please feel free to send us your thoughts.

    - CC Hameed