I'm sure you've heard about Solution Profiler and Solution Finder as a vehicle to profile your business solutions for customers, partners and Microsoft sales teams.  Now there's another directory called OSSD (Office system Solutions Directory) which focuses only on the Microsoft Office system.

Confused?  To ensure you are up-to-speed, here's my 3 step guide:

Step One: keep your "Solution Profiler" (generic directory, not necessarily IW specific) profile up-to-date and consider linking to a customer built page.  Customers, partners & Microsoft'ies can search for solutions using the “sister” tool, Solution Finder.

Step Two: Profile your solution [again] in the OSSD (“Office System Solution Directory”) which allows you to profile their Office 2007 solutions in greater depth.

Step Three:  As an incentive, you may achieve Launch Partner Status, by submitting a completed Office 2007 profile by 1st March 2007 and complete the additional requirements.

What does "Launch Partner Status" mean?

  • Use of logo: In becoming a Solution Launch Partner, Partners will receive the logo shown below, which you can attach to your collateral and events.
  • Extra visibility: Office Online exposure via banner ads; currently receives 80million hits a month worldwide
  • Receive Solution Drive In A Box: information collected in one location, on a variety of local Partner Marketing activities
  • Why wait?!

 2007 Microsoft Office System Solution Launch Partner Logo

Customers and partners can search for these solutions using http://directory.partners.extranet.microsoft.com/.