I love this article from Fortune magazine – “How I Work: Bill Gates” – in which Bill describes how he uses SharePoint:


“…Being flooded with information doesn't mean we have the right information or that we're in touch with the right people. I deal with this by using SharePoint, a tool that creates websites for collaboration on specific projects. These sites contain plans, schedules, discussion boards, and other information, and they can be created by just about anyone in the company with a couple of clicks ... SharePoint puts me in touch with lots of people deep in the organization. It's like having a super-website that lets many people edit and discuss — far more than the standard practice of sending e-mails with enclosures. And it notifies you if anything comes up in an area you're interested in.”


Another recent quote from Bill is, “SharePoint will be for the server what [the] Office [suite] has been for the desktop.” 


Huge SharePoint Opportunity

I'm really excited (some may say "super excited") about the opportunity that SharePoint represents for Partners.  Not only for the scenarios that Bill describes above, but because SharePoint also provides a platform for deployment for other applications and services.  This could range from a dashboard providing key performance indicators, using Business Scorecard Manager 2005 to linking into CRM to providing key project information as part of an Enterprise Project Management solution to hosting a real time communication solution.  The list can go on to include Groove; security with Antigen; hosting; integration with line of business applications using BizTalk etc. 


For more information on SharePoint products and technologies for Partners, please visit www.microsoft.com/uk/partner/sharepoint.  


Posted by Christian.