Windows Server 2012 GA

Windows Server 2012 GA

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Hey folks, Ned here again to tell you what you probably already know: Windows Server 2012 is now generally available: 

I don’t often recommend “vision” posts, but Satya Nadella – President of Server and Tools – explains why we made the more radical changes in Windows Server 2012. Rather than start with the opening line, I’ll quote from the finish:

In the 1990s, Microsoft saw the need to democratize computing and made client/server computing available at scale, to customers of all sizes. Today, our goal is to do the same for cloud computing with Windows Server 2012.

On a more personal note: Mike Stephens, Joseph Conway, Tim Quinn, Chuck Timon, Don Geddes, and I dedicated two years to understanding, testing, bug stomping, design change requesting, documenting, and teaching Windows Server 2012. Another couple dozen senior support folks – such as our very own Warren Williams - spent the last year working with customers to track down issues and get feedback. Your feedback. You will see things in Directory Services that were requested through this blog.

Having worked on a number of pre-release products, this is the most Support involvement in any Windows operating system I have ever seen. When combined with numerous customer and field contributions, I believe that Windows Server 2012 is the most capable, dependable, and supportable product we’ve ever made. I hope you agree.

- Ned “also, any DS issues you find were missed by Mike, not me” Pyle

  • Super excited about the new version of server, and i've been doing some mock-ups of core services at home and loving how well it works, and that was the beta stuff! Also, trying to get into the event now, but I think the servers are overwhelmed...that's a good thing i hope ;-)

    On a completely unrelated note to 2012, we just rolled our AD to functional 2003 and browsing articles on your blog, but was wondering if there were some gotcha's that you have outlined somewhere to look out for.


  • Yes, the launch site appears to be buried. One of those "good problems", I reckon.

    Check out Jonathan's treatise on this:

  • Crikey. Even AskDS is starting to see congestion-related performance. :)  

  • Mad props, DS team.  This is excited as I've ever been for a new version of Windows Server, and everyone around me knows it, for better or worse.  :)

  • @Ned, thanks I've read that looks like it's more or less a non-issue, unless we have some 3rd party apps using .net3, a hotfix was mentioned, I'll have to check on that. My other question would be we have two domains that we don't control but are in our forest. As part of the migration will I have to worry about DFSR on those domains, or is the move to DFSR on a per-domain basis. I believe that FRS reps to those domains, will that break?

    @Ryan, I know exactly what you mean! I'm a little upset that I've been unable to watch keynotes and the like because of the high volume of traffic, on the up-side, I'd agree with Ned, it's a good problem ;-)

  • I agree with and 2nd Ryan's comment 100%...  can't wait to start using 2012 in production and Win8 at home (especially waiting for new tablet hardware to come out).

  • You all have definitely been working hard on this.  The white papers that are hundreds of pages long are outstanding.

    To the folks that have been testing for a few years.  Are you all ok with the tiles/Metro in Windows 2012?  Consistency across all the various versions can be a good thing but working with it day to day do the tiles help you?  I doubt I'll ever install Windows server on a touch device.  It is the one thing I'm still getting used to.  In my case just testing...nothing in production yet.

    As long as I have Windows + X, Windows + I, or Windows + C then I can usually find what I need :)



  • The launch site went

  • @Mike: I hardly see them on server - I go right to the PowerShell console to do nearly everything, especially since I force myself to run Core servers as often as possible so I cannot cheat. :)

    I try to look at it from the perspective of a company that is new to Windows, such as a hosting company often is - or new to computing, as in emerging markets. They often have no point of reference. So if Windows 8 were to have the Modern/Tile start page and the Win2012 Full server were to have something that looked like Win2008 R2, I would find that more confusing than helpful.  

    But since the intent of server is that it have no shell at all, and you do all your management from a Windows 8 computer, I reckon the idea is rather moot and the real question becomes "do you like the start page/modern/tile interface in general". And that is much more an opinion question at this point. Probably one worth not getting into this early, as it's fairly polarizing (the same way Win7 taskbar/address bar was suuuuper controversial 3 years ago).

    I can say with all honesty that I struggled at first if I was clicking around Win8 rather than typing, and now I struggle to use Win7 a year later. Just like always happens to me with a new OS. :) For example, I have gotten so used to the hover start page button that I will sit there on Win7 and mouse over the start button without clicking, expecting it to do something. :) My problem is that I have to remember how to do things in NT/2000/2003/2008/2008 r2/2012 + NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 - but not equally as often! Each is fine on its own, it's the intermittent combination that shorts out my muscle memory...

  • *runs off to upgrade his home virtualization host to Hyper-V Server 2012*

  • @Jeffrey There are a couple things to consider when raising the DFL to 2008 or 2008 R2. When you raise the DFL to 2008 we change the krbtgt password I have seen this break a few third party apps.

    Another PFE Glenn LeCheminant had a running blog of various items.

    Most of the changes are at the OS level itself and not at the DFL or FFL. A lot of work has been done to decouple new features from FFL and DFL requirements of course there are exceptions.

    DFS-R is per domain. So you will do that on a per domain basis after you raise the DFL of that domain to 2008 or higher.

  • Congrats to all -- time to ask again -- is there some ADAC SDK / documentation I'm missing or is it yet unpublished?  Also, we need RSAT :)

  • Oh and on another note since Ned brought it up -- (offtopic) best windows 8 features: Multi monitor taskbar.  Worst regression:  Jump lists missing from app menu.  Least favorite UI aspects:  Run as administrator is a long way away from right clicking an icon in start. Most desired feature (besides RSAT, heh):  Improve multi monitor taskbar options for 'icons on this taskbar'.  I like having icons only on the main taskbar, but there is some very specific behaviors that need correcting.  If anyone can point me to the connect group or something I'd love to give more direct feedback. (Social just seems so...noisy.)

  • It looks like they might not be open yet?

    Well, at least it doesn't look like anything appropriate to what you were looking for is available yet anyway...

  • @Gallwapa - both of your concerns about RSAT and ADAC are being addressed. I can't speak to ETAs, of course.

    When it comes to User Experience feedback like taskbar, social (TechNet Forums) is the way to go. That's where the devs are watching, and believe me - watching very carefully, even if they are not replying. If you have a Premier contract, definitely report through your TAM as well.