Updated Group Policy Search service

Updated Group Policy Search service

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Mike here with an important service announcement.  In June of 2010, guest poster Kapil Mehra introduced the Group Policy Search service.  The Group Policy Search (GPS) service is a web application hosted on Windows Azure, which enables you to search for registry-based Group Policy settings used in Windows operating systems.

It’s a "plezz-shzaa" to announce that GPS version 1.1.4 is live at http://gps.cloudapp.net.  Version 1.1.4 includes registry-based policy settings from Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, performance improvements, bug fixes, and a few little surprises.  It's the easiest way to search for a Group Policy setting. 

So, the next time you need to search for a Group Policy settings, or want to know the registry key and value name that backs a particular policy setting-- don't look for a antiquated settings spreadsheet reference.  Get your Group Policy Search on!!

And, if you act now-- we'll throw in the Group Policy Search Windows Phone 7 application-- for free! That's right, take Group Policy Search with you on the go. What an offer! Group Policy Search and Group Policy Search Windows Phone 7 application -- for one low, low price -- FREE!  Act now and you'll get free shipping.

This is Mike Stephens and "Ned Pyle" approves this message!

  • Links are the OWA versions (so you're prompted to login to OWA). As example gps.cloudapp.net/ points at mail.microsoft.com/.../redir.aspx... ...gps.cloudapp.net

  • Thanks Paul,  Links are fixed and updated

  • Glad to see a refresh, the suggestions always seemed to slow down searching!