The Mouse Will Play

The Mouse Will Play

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Hey all, Ned here. Mike and I start teaching Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 DS internals this month in the US and UK and won’t be back until July. Until then, Jonathan is – I can’t believe I’m saying this – in charge of AskDS. He’ll field your questions and publish… stuff. We’ll make sure he takes his medication before replying.

If you’re in Reading, England June 10-22, first round is on me.

I didn’t say what the first round was though.

Ned “crikey” Pyle

  • Ned,

    You're coming to the UK! Bummer about the timing though, you'll miss the Queen Jubilee Celebrations and the sporting thingy we are running soon ;).

    I'd would love to meet you for a coffee\beer if you have time for me. Think of it as a thank you for this blog! I'm booked in the master rotation in Sept so would also like to have a chat with you about that if I can?


  • I also get to miss the crowds! ツ

    Once I land and find some decent bars (err, pubs), I'll update with a "Where's Ned" itinerary.

  • Awesome :)