Come get Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate

Come get Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate

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Ned here. Go there:

While you wait for the downloads, check out Delivering the Windows 8 Release Preview on the B8 blog to learn a few more things about Windows 8 from a non-enterprise standpoint. More Windows 8 here. More Windows Server 2012 here.

IT Pro content will trickle out; keep your eyes peeled on the Windows Server blog and elsewhere. And know this: we have everything documented to the nth degree and you will learn everything you need, at least after RTM, even if it harelips the governor.

See you then.

Ned “Slim Pickens” Pyle

  • Thanks Slim Pickens!

    Now, where's that start button so I can shut this machine down.

  • That was a solid zinger. :-D

  • That's funny, the Server 2012 RC virtual machine was spinning up on my Hyper-V host when I came to check this blog and saw this post.  I for one really like the aesthetic.  The flat, sharp, minimalist GUI is a style that has always appealed to me.  And something I'm really looking forward to is being able to switch the GUI on and off.  I really like the Core installation.

  • Hi Ned... Thanks for pointing the links out. However, is it Windows 8 Server or Windows 2012?

  • Windows Server 2012.

  • Also, the VHD download for server is currently broken (at least for me and colleagues). Looking into it.

  • Yeah its broke for me too!

  • VHD should be working now.

  • Awesome news, thanks for the notification!  Now anyone have a way to get about 8 more hours in a day, so I can spend more time digging in and learning even more about DAC and all of the other goodness?  :)

  • RIP to the FISHY?

  • Yup, now it's flower power.

  • Microsoft Press Announcement: Tekzilla shows off some of the updates and explain why you should upgrade to Release Preview from Consumer preview if you're running Windows 8! [HD]