New Slow Logon, Slow Boot Troubleshooting Content

New Slow Logon, Slow Boot Troubleshooting Content

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Hi all, Ned here again. We get emailed here all the time about issues involving delays in user logons. Often enough that, a few years back, Bob wrote a multi-part article on the subject.

Taking it to the next level, some of my esteemed colleagues have created a multi-part TechNet Wiki series on understanding, analyzing, and troubleshooting slow logons and slow boots. These include:

Before you shrug this off, consider the following example, where we assume for our hypothetical company:

  • Employees work 250 days per year (50 weeks * 5 days per week)
  • Employee labor costs $2 per minute
  • Each employees boots and logs on to a single desktop computer only once per day
  • There are 25 and 30 seconds of removable delay from the boot and logon operations

That means an annual cost of:

Benjamin Franklin would not be pleased

Even if you take just the understated US Bureau of Labor private sector compensation cost numbers (roughly $0.50 average employee total compensation cost per minute), you are still hemorrhaging cash. And those numbers just cover direct compensation and benefit costs, not all the other overhead  that goes into an employee, as well as the fact that they are not producing anything during that time - you are paying them to do nothing. Need I mention that the computer-using employees are probably costing you nearly twice that number?

Get to reading, people – this is a big deal.

- Ned “a penny saved is a penny earned” Pyle

  • This is really good, thanks to all that worked on it!   This will become one of my favorite bookmarks.  I also like that you all went with the wiki format so we can make changes and add content.



  • Agree with Mike!  Thanks Ned et al!  It's one of the biggest crits AD guys get - poor logon performance, and to put an RoI on it to fix it, priceless!

  • The 'twice that number' link is bad

  • I blame others than myself!!!

    Fixed... >_<

  • So much for the "warning to others"  :D

  • Ah, the case for SSDs has made itself. ;)

  • I recently bought a Dell XPS 13 ultrabook, which is my first real experience using SSDs. I thought they were an overpriced ubergeek affectation.

    I am now a believer though :-D. With Win8 beta installed on that thing, it goes from totally shutdown (s5) to the logon screen in around 6 seconds. I took it to a conference I was teaching at where someone had a brand new "professional" laptop with much better CPU and memory but a spindle drive, and I was mopping the floor with him running VMs.

  • Yeah - I mapped out my pay-per-second, then I did the math at how long it took me to reboot, multiplied by the number of reboots I have to do per year, plus general sluggishness when loading apps.

    Needless to say it only took a few months to get ROI just in idle time to pay for my SSD here.  I also did one at home and my boot time went from minutes-to-desktop to about 20 seconds (and that is only SATA2).  They're fantastic ;)

    Visual studio loads quick as a dream - no more hideous grinding!