The yuck that is "PC Recycle Day" at Microsoft

The yuck that is "PC Recycle Day" at Microsoft

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Hey all, Ned here again. Still no ETA on Win8 word, and we've already discussed everything else on Earth ( ;-P ) so now I will share with you some insider knowledge of working in Microsoft Charlotte: the quarterly "PC Recycle Day". Here's an example of what I just saw on my way to get some coffee.

A couple of these are fairly hard to identify unless you are as old as Jonathan. Take a stab at them in the Comments, if you dare to date yourself. If you've used them all, give yourself a pat on the back - you are really close to retirement.

Update: Woo, a particularly crusty late arrival from the Networking team! They may upset the perennial Setup team favorites here and win it all this year, folks.


Update 2: a funeral pyre for once-dominant protocols


Have a nice weekend,


- Ned "spring chicken" Pyle


  • I actually have used ALL of them... scary.

  • Woah thanks for some scary flasbacks!  Sadly I'm nowhere near retirement though...  So I have to ask, are these gems from personal collections (technology hoarding) or stuff people still had under their desk at work?

  • There is never any explanation. They appear as if by magic, and no one wants to claim them.

  • I WISH I didn't know what all those things are! You should have a contest to see who can find the crustiest recyable item! We routinely get some of the most insane things dropped off in our office...

    Hope that link works...a small sample

  • I could be wrong, but I think that blue thing is a book.

  • Lets see, you have an HP tape drive, DDS1,2 or 4 tape technology, right?  Next to that is a sound card with line in, mic, and 3.5mm sound out, and a midi/joystick port.  I'm unable to tell if it is an ISA or PCI sound card.  Virtual Server 2005 R2 resource kit.  Not sure about the IOmega jaz, I would have to wikipedia it.  I'm only familiar with the IOmega zip disks.  I'm not sure what a centercom 210ts is.  I see it has a transceiver and a link light so I'm assuming its some sort of a noteworking component...serial to rj45???   THen of course a super DLT tape drive, and lastly the USRobotics 56k modem.  I'm not sure if it is a V.everything model or another model.

  • Dude, I'm still working with DLT (not even SuperDLT)... that's really scary

  • Craig, I think you are ready for upper management.


    Nice work, Squeezer99. And yes, of course that sound card was ISA. We won't see PCI cards for years, I'm sure.

  • The Jaz drive could hold approx. 1GB on a "Jaz Disk".  Great at the time over floppies and Zip disks, but not very portable.

  • They were also insanely unreliable. It was like having a casino black jack table store all your data... eventually, the house always won.

  • Oh .. love that Courier! Remember, once we upgraded those machines to support 56K ... they were blazing fast! Hmm, and Jaz ... that was expensive thing. Wanted to have it instead of all the 3.5 floppies ... cool post anyway.

  • I had an external 100MB Zip Drive long, long ago. It connected to an LPT port and had a brick-sized power adapter if I remember correctly.  A few months ago while doing some house cleaning, I stumbled across one of the my old zip disks, but the drive was long gone. I wandered around the office trying to find something that could read this stupid disk so I could see what I used to think was important enough to occupy space on my precious 100MB zip disk 15 years ago, but alas I could not find any zip drives, and eventually, I discarded the disk. I'm sure there are now some Counter Strike screenshots that are lost forever...

  • Since no one else pointed them out yet, looks like some Dell Optiplex GX280's (or 260? little blurry) in the background of the modem picture.  Granted they are much "newer" in the grand scheme of everything else...  other than maybe that "book" thing Graig pointed out.

  • Good eye, Steve.


  • A million years ago, I wrote the installer routine for Counterstrike Beta 2. You could end the mystery for $40, Ryan:

    Still in the box. Oh how the Iomega have fallen...