Congrats Sean and Mark, the Newest Masters!

Congrats Sean and Mark, the Newest Masters!

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Hey all, Ned here again. You probably know our pals Sean Ivey and Mark Renoden from their AskDS blog contributions. Both of them were once Directory Services Support Engineers and are now Premier Field Engineers, traveling the globe to help solve your problems. Much like the A-Team. Or not.

Anyway, what you probably don't know is that yesterday they joined the elite fraternity of Microsoft Certified Masters along with nine of their new best friends. Having taught that certification since day 0, I can tell you it is a royal gentleman's fruit buster and to get it takes serious dedication and serious smarts; heck, after five years and fourteen rotations, MCM DS only finally crossed the 100 graduate mark! If you haven't explored the certification that will set you apart from everyone in the IT industry, I suggest you start. Make sure you bank some sleep first though, and don't forget to ask Ryan about the Banana Crown.

We're awful proud of our former DS support brothers. Congratulations fellas.

- Ned "and all your old buddies" Pyle


  • I'm jealous.  This is a mountain I very much want to climb.  But... you can't stop here! MS Certified Architect comes next, right?  :)

  • Congrats Guys!  Hopefully you managed to catch up on some sleep after a long amount of celebration following the news...  :)

  • Naw shucks. Thanks Ned.

    I'm happy to have achieved the goal. I liken the experience to drinking from the fire hydrant for two weeks :)

  • If money weren't an issue, this is the certification I'd shoot for