Security Compliance Manager 2.5 Beta is out

Security Compliance Manager 2.5 Beta is out

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Hi folks, Ned here with a quickie advert: The Security Compliance Manager 2.5 beta released the other day, with a bunch of new features and other goo.

  • Integration with the System Center 2012 IT GRC Process Pack for Service Manager-Beta:Product baseline configurations are integrated into the IT GRC Process Pack to provide oversight and reporting of your compliance activities.
  • Gold master support: Import and take advantage of your existing Group Policy or create a snapshot of a reference machine to kick-start your project.
  • Configure stand-alone machines: Deploy your configurations to non-domain joined computers using the new GPO Pack feature.
  • Updated security guidance: Take advantage of the deep security expertise and best practices in the updated security guides, and the attack surface reference workbooks to help reduce the security risks that you consider to be the most important.
  • Compare against industry best practices: Analyze your configurations against prebuilt baselines for the latest Windows client and server operating systems.
  • NEW baselines include:
    • Exchange Server 2007 SP3 Security Baseline
    • Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Security Baseline
  • Updated client product baselines include:
    • Windows 7 SP1 Security Compliance Baseline
    • Windows Vista SP2 Security Compliance Baseline
    • Windows XP SP3 Security Compliance Baseline
    • Office 2010 SP1 Security Baseline
    • Internet Explorer 8 Security Compliance Baseline

Hot damn, #2 and #3 are what everyone kept asking for, and they’ve finally been delivered.

Never heard of SCM? For shame, I’ve discussed it here a few times. You just don’t care what I have to say, DO YOU? I AM GOING TO SPEND FOUR HOURS ON THE PHONE TALKING ABOUT YOU WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS!!!

Update 4/4/2012: SCM 2.5 no longer beta and is released to world. Thanks for the heads up Mike!


- Ned “SCMbag” Pyle

  • Hi Ned, I tried to download/access the SCM 2.5, but I get the "The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it." error using the link in your post. When I do manual search for SCM on the Connect website, it returns only V2.

    Are there any special permissions required to download it?

  • Disregard my previous post, was posting faster than thinking. I didn't realize I had to join the SCM program in order to download it.

  • No worries, it's still a good question. :)

    For those that want to join this or any other beta, go here: Logon with a Live ID. Then next to "Security Compliance Manager v2", click JOIN.

  • Good news, the product has been officially released, goodbye beta.

    Really good tool, and even more helpful in the federal space.