Winter Break

Winter Break

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Hiya folks, Ned here. It's that time of year again, where the AskDS team goes on hiatus to play Call of Duty and Skyrim spend time with family and friends. Please save your emails and questions until the second week of January. No one can hear your screams.

If you’re still scrambling for last minute Christmas shopping ideas, I recommend the IO9 and ArsTechnica gift guides. Much more importantly, if still wishing to make a difference for an underprivileged child, I recommend Toys for Tots.

From everyone here at AskDS, we wish you and your kinfolk a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Make sure you leave the flue open

See you in 2012, everyone.

- Ned Pyle

  • So you're saying you would have done a final blog post of the year, but you took an arrow to the knee... ;)

  • I was riding my dragon backwards and lost track of time.

  • Thanks Ned and the entire team for another year of great content.   I hope someone on the team is able to get a MOAB in CoD before the break is over.

    See you all in 2012; just think of the panic level next year at this is supposed to end :)

  • Yes, I second the thank you for another year of excellent content!

    I'd also like to put in an early request for a special February 29th edition of mail sack or something similar to celebrate the leap year.  Maybe the tradition can be carried on every 4 years... assuming the world doesn't end as Mike pointed out.

  • Okay, since it's a totally useless post anyway, let's have some fun. Here are awesome KB article titles from the past week. (Sorry, not related to Directory Services). Usually there is one or two per week, but this week was amazing.

    2656106 When you run an .exe file on a Windows based computer, the file may start a different program

    2653132 Stop Code 0x000000F4 May Occur When Running VMware ESX 4.1

    2654234 You receive unexpected results when you search lots of subfolders in Outlook 2010

    2641618 SignTool does not sign an AppX application package that is larger than 4 GB in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2

    2638018 Windows Explorer crashes randomly in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2

    And my favorite one:

    “For example, this issue occurs on a Windows Server 2008 R2-based computer that has 256 processors and 16 Fibre Channel adapters installed that are connected to more than 140 logical unit numbers (LUNs)”. (From 2646761).

    Happy holidays everyone.

  • My New Year's resolution is going to be making an effort to comment more on the blogs that I really like.

    Also, @Pronichkin, Re: KB 2646761 - I wish I had that guy's problem!