Not IT-related (but geeks will enjoy, regardless)

Not IT-related (but geeks will enjoy, regardless)

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Ned here. As you can tell, I’ve been gone for a bit – hang tight, I’m replying to all these emails. In the meantime, here’s what I was up to:

San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Oh sure, now you’re interested. :) A sampling of what my Windows Phone 7 camera and I came up with during the four-day awesome-o-thon. These are thumbnails,  click to see them in their enlarged glory.

Not pictured: a huge number of PG-13 or better worse pictures and about a million more storm troopers…

People with too much time, not enough shame

clip_image002clip_image005 clip_image004



 clip_image008 caclip_image009

Lifesize (or bigger) stuff that must have really sucked to transport and assemble

clip_image010 clip_image011 clip_image012

clip_image013 clip_image014clip_image015

Good grief, the crowds :(


74 (3)98

Amazing collectibles (for those with a few thousand bucks)




The 70’s sci-fi hat trick!


Even the pedi-cab guys were into it


The stupidest hotel sign in the whole world – thanks lawyers!

Finally, the stalking of Andrew WK… no really, he liked me!


Was anyone else there?

Ned “waiting in line is fun!” Pyle

  • Big ups to the "Wonder Twins" and the "Stars Wars" booth!!!!

  • Hopefully you managed to not make Lou Ferrigno angry.  Rumor is, he's not a real joy to be around when he's angry!

  • No Gleek though, Chad. Thankfully.

    Lou was the nicest fellow I spoke to at the whole event. And he did not crush me like a grape with his insane 60 year-old muscle hands.

  • Yeah, I guess he's really a pretty laid back guy in real life.  Not sure if you saw "I love you man", but he's pretty funny in the movie just playing himself.

  • That is total crap, Hulk!!!

    He's sooooo strronnnngggggg...

  • Also, easily the best comic-con 2011 cosplay gallery out there. *Mostly* (but not completely) safe for work: