Your email’s legal disclaimer is meaningless

Your email’s legal disclaimer is meaningless

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And before you disagree, examine all paper mail coming from your company to see if it includes the same disclaimer…

- Ned “hostile witness” Pyle

  • So Ned, apparently one of your pet peeves?  

    Gotta love when an email gets vaulted back and forth between two companies, and they just keep getting tacked on in some cases.  I wonder if anyone has ever done any analysis on how much extra space that takes up in mailboxes over time.  :)

  • ** Note: The preceeding comment should be taken with a grain of salt, and disregarded in most cases.

  • I have some email threads that are a few weeks of back and forth between two vendors using those taglines - a hundred pages of bullcrap. :-D

  • I'm no lawyer, but I depending on the content, sender and receiver I think there might be circumstances it is a requirement or - at least - might be helpful for clarity and preventing misunderstandings.

    Also, I found this:

    "In the US, companies in the healthcare industry and in financial services are often required by law to include certain disclaimers in their emails. Also, under IRS regulations, people who provide tax advice are required to use an email disclaimer."

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  • Notice in those websites that talk about this, no one can ever actually point to a specific law...

    It's like those customers that tell me Sarbanes-Oxley requires them to do X. I've read that law end to end 5 times and it is about as inspecific as a congressman can make it. And that's pretty inspecific. :)

    Thanks for the feedback Michel.

  • Ha! Good zing. :-D

  • Whenever there is a "need" there is a domain name taken...

    Providing samples for you to slap into your outgoing email, etc.  

  • OMG that is awesome. Everyday I come across a website that makes me wonder what I am doing sitting in some cubicle when I could be separating people from their dough through google adwords...