RTM RSAT and SP1 Win7 (shot, over)

RTM RSAT and SP1 Win7 (shot, over)

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Hi all, Ned here.

Update 4/7/11: The Remote Server Administration Toolkit update to support Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has released. Come and get it:


 Yesterday we announced Windows 7 SP1 availability info. For those that use RSAT to admin from their clients, I am launching a preemptive strike before the comments flow:

If you have SP1 installed and attempt to install the RTM version of the Remote Server Administration Tools, downloaded from here:


You will receive error:

The update is not applicable to your computer

This is expected behavior and noted in the SP1 deployment guide and on the download page. The RTM version of Win7 RSAT has internal checks to prevent install on later operating systems and service packs. All is not lost though.


Install RTM RSAT before installing SP1. When already installed, SP1 will update the RSAT component files to SP1 versions. Obviously, this will not work on computers being built from SP1-slipstreamed install media. For example, I had RSAT installed on my own computer when I installed SP1. My Hyper-v Manager snap-in updated automagically:

Long view

Install the Win7 SP1 version of the RSAT package once we release it. When it is ready I will update this article as well as post a new article for the RSS crowd.

The SP1 version of RSAT is planned for April. Telling me how important it is will not move things faster – we know it’s important. Don’t bother trying to override with DISM /Add-Package or PKGMGMR /IP, that will not work either; the top level package in the cab cannot be bypassed.

Until next time.

Ned “splash, out” Pyle

  • nice.  always a fan of preemptive strikes - semper fi

  • Ned. Thanks for the information. Any chance of getting the missing Remote Install and Terminal Services, I mean Remote Desktop Services, tabs back in to the ADUC snap-in with the SP1 ;)


    I know I've banged on about this before, and I know it's 'by design' but it's still a pain in the *** when you're still supporting both Windows XP, Server 2003, RIS as well as Windows 2008 [R2] and Windows 7. I mean you get the tabs on Windows Server 2008. I really wish the guys in the Windows team would deploy the damn dll's so the tabs would appear.


    Even worse is now I have 64-bit Windows 7 and I can't even use the workaround any more :(

    Please, please, please can you go and stamp your feet in true Bonnie Langford style so that we can have our missing tabs back please! ;)

  • Updated - we believe April release.

    You can already get the RDS tabs, those were fixed in Vista and included in Win7. Just have to make sure you turn on the right goo:


    I don't know what Remote Install is? :-/

  • Hi Ned,

    Thanks for the response. Of course, yep I can see the RDS tabs. My fault, I'd recently rebuilt my machine and note re-enabled advanced mode! Doh!

    However, there are still two tabs missing:

    - Remote install tab on computer objects (http://twitpic.com/410vuo)

    - Dial-in tab on user objects (http://twitpic.com/410ya6)

    We use both in our environment. The remote install tab for managed computers and the dial-in tab for disabling users VPN access when they've been naughty! ;)

    I believe we had the remote install tab working using an unsupported hack before, but I think that was with Vista. Now with Windows 7 (and particularly now we've got 64-bit in the mix too) I can no longer get it to work.

    Would still really, really like these two tabs back, even if I have to do an unsupported hack again...PLLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE! ;)

  • Ah so. Yes, this is expected and unlikely to change:

    1. The dial-in tabs will always be missing in any OS. You will have to manage that from the server.

    975448 The "Dial-in" tab is not available in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in after you install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7


    2. The RIS tab missing is also expected. RIS is as dead as fried chicken and WDS replaced it years ago, so the owners of that tool decided it was not worth the dev/test cost of including. If you want that tab, you'll be a-hackin'. But since it requires Win2003 servers, you might as well just run ADUC on those computers and not hack (same as one - terminal into it).

  • We really need a workaround on this.  Just did a fresh install of the W7 with SP1 RTM and just got surprised by this issue.  Now forced to RD to an unpatched box to use RSAT for the next 2 months :(.  It’s nice you plastered this yourself, what really would have been nice is if the major MS blogs had this information when they made all the noise of RTM being available.  You an 1 other random support tech have posts on this and there is 1 random technet forum thread from the Beta about it.

    Can we not get some extract from some that has done the W7 install, RSAT and then SP1 upgrade?

  • Sorry, you will need to wait like the blog post says. As for the other sites, I have no control over them.

  • I have no problem to wait until April 2011. I just RDP to my main Hyper-V server and operate from there.

    But *why* could not Microsoft update the Download page for RSAT with this simple information? Because lack of Google skills it took me some 2 hours of unnecessary time spent on this problem before I found this informative page.

    Anyway - Still love Hyper-V :-)

  • Bing would have worked. :)

    I'll see what I can do about the DL page.

  • Hi Ned,

    Read your posts a lot, always informative and useful, straight and as much as you can be open and honest.  If possible could you feed the following back to the powers that be.

    Win7 SP1, according to the build dates when Gold late Novemember.  It may not of been signed off till much later - not sure why IE9 perhaps? but anyway, the fact is providing an enterprise product and breaking the install of RSAT on new gold builds disappointing.  Not being able to provide a new build for 5 months post gold code, in this day and age is unacceptable.  It really does seem like someone dropped the ball on this, within the planning and delivery stage.  I imagine and you intimated such recently that everyone has there heads down on Windows .Next but this type of situation is quite damaging.

    Similar actually happened at the time of release of Vista, where it took and age for RSAT tools to become available.  It looked like the lesson had been learnt with Win7, as RSAT was available at time of public availability, and indeed I was fortunate enough to undertake pre-release testing - not through TAP but back in the day when external enthusiast/IT Pros feedback was valued - I actually helped track down a few bugs.  I've tested quite a bit around Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Anyway, sorry for the <rant> but just wanted to provide back some honest open feedback.  It will not show stop me, but it will prevent me for a few months building up new SP1 gold based builds with RSAT tools - I ideally I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to do this, whereas right now I would have to.

    All the best



  • Noted. I can't argue with any of your points, TBH.

  • nice! expressed as only someone who used to shoot off mortar rounds for a living could -;)

  • Ned,

    I forgot to confirm something with you guys about this...

    If you install the RSAT tools on Windows 7 (without service pack 1), but do not enable the features in Add/Remove programs and then install Service Pack 1 will the RSAT tools still be updated, before or after you enable the individual components.



  • Nothing has to be configured in the "Program and Features \ Turn Windows Features on or off" applet before installing SP1. RSAT just being installed is enough - that injects it into the Windows servicing stack that lives in c:\windows\winsxs\*. This is the case for all install files that are delivered in the MSU format.

    You can validate it's installed by looking at "Program and Features \ Installed Updates \ Update for Microsoft Windows (KB958830)"

    Good question, Richard.

  • Hi Andre.Ziegler. You probably noticed that I deleted your post: it was nothing personal. Based on our experience with SP1 servicing - especially around RSAT - we cannot host your workaround comment.

    Obviously, I can't stop you from putting it elsewhere. But doing this sort of thing with MUM extraction and injection is *extremely unsupported and dangerous* and can lead to a lot of really nasty issues down the road. That's all JosCon has been dealing with for two weeks, for example:


    I really discourage this kind of servicing bypass advice. Please just wait for us to fix it correctly.