So glad that I moved…

So glad that I moved…

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Hot enough for ya, Mark?

Update - way more glad now that I saw this:


Ned “drove in with his windows down today” Pyle

  • Glad that I fled to a customer site this week.


    (can walk to some of the Lake Shore Drive photo spots)

  • No doubt. That first one looks like a scene out The Walking Dead Christmas Special...

  • Обычный Сибирский день :)

  • No doubt, iadmin. :-D

  • Вы неправы. Нет ни медведей, ни суровых мужиков в ушанках и с балалайками - для обычного сибирского дня это немного необычно ;)

  • Bing translator had a bit less luck with that one. What are "harsh men in ušankah and balalajkami?"

    The bears had already eaten everyone in the cars, they're out of frame. :-P

  • "Ushanka" is a traditional Russian fur cap (

    And "balalaika" is a traditional russian musical instrument. (

    So, if it was a plain Siberian day - there must be bears and rough men in ushankas and with balalaikas ;)