Yeowza, 0x1f4 articles!

Yeowza, 0x1f4 articles!

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And I just noticed that the last post put us to our 500th article. That’s a post every 205,200 seconds! Wait, that doesn’t sound impressive. That’s a post every 2.3 days! OK, not quite Raymond Chen or Keith Combs, but it will have to do.

You have kept us going with your comments, questions, and readership – thanks very much.

- Ned “User profile cannot be loaded” Pyle

  • Of course posting this already put you up to 0x1f5!  :)  Nice job on all the great content guys... as I've said numerous times I for one appreciate all the hard work you guys do putting this information out there for the masses.  I learn something new every time I visit this site, even if it sometimes is something off the wall.  Keep up the good work, and here's looking forward to post number 0x3e8...

  • :-D