Two more positions opened

Two more positions opened

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If you live in the US and want to come work with us here in Directory Services support, we have opened two more positions:

If you want experience working on the largest, most complex environments in the world, this is the place to be. You will never be bored and you will never stop learning.

- Ned “and we get free Starbucks” Pyle

  • Crap. You know, I've recently joined Microsoft here in Russia. And guess what? No free Starbucks!

  • Congrats on the job. Sorry about the Starbucks.

    I'm sure there's a vodka dispenser joke here somewhere, but I'll leave that to you. :-P

  • Yep, it's in the Samovar right in the lobby hall. The problem is like in any big company there's a policy for everything. And in today's tough economy, free vodka is reserved for customer meetings only. Usually a policy is not a big problem, but not this one. It is enforced by bear guards.

  • "It is enforced by bear guards." <-- that made me LOL for real.

  • Shouldn't that be "beer guards" ? ;)

  • > Shouldn't that be "beer guards" ? ;)

    Unfortunately, no. See ED for some idea what it actually looks like: (of course, ours are more civilized and there are no guns allowed in the office).

  • Wow...