AskDS is 0.03 Centuries Old Today

AskDS is 0.03 Centuries Old Today

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Three years ago today the AskDS site published its first post and had its first commenter. In the meantime we’ve created 455 articles and we’re now ranked 6th in all of TechNet’s blogs, behind AskPerf, Office2010, MarkRussinovich, SBS, and HeyScriptingGuy. That’s a pretty amazing group to be lumped in with for traffic, I don’t mind saying. Especially Mark, he has incredible hair.

Without your visits we wouldn’t be here to celebrate another weirdly composed Office Clipart birthday.


Thanks everyone,

- Ned “and the rest of the AskDS contributors” Pyle

  • Congrats Ned and all the contributors!!  I'm guessing you all don't get paid extra for all the hard work put into the AskDS blog.  It is definitely the number one source for great AD information.  

    I thought the exchange team would be in the top five.  So once again AD beats Exchange haha.


    Mike "I wish I had Russinovich hair so I would have to take Rogaine"  Kline

  • uhhh I mean so I woudln't have to take Rogaine...see I'm mezmerized by the hair too :)

  • :-D

  • Congrats to Ned n all AskDS contributors for this...!!!



  • It is definitely the number one source for great AD information, Thanks for contributing great deal of information related to AD. wishing you all the very best...!

  • Thanks guys. :)