We are hiring

We are hiring

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We are hiring again (in your face, 2008 economy!) and if you think you have what it takes to do my job, come show me:

Support Escalation Engineer, Directory Services

We are looking for talented, experienced, motivated engineers who want to take their career and IQ to the zenith. This is the most challenging technical job you will ever have, but it is also the most rewarding: it is never boring, you work on the most complex environments, and you will learn more in one month about Directory Services than you will in five years out in the field - I personally guarantee that. All this and more can be yours.

It also doesn't hurt that Microsoft benefits are unparalleled and Microsoft is on Fortune's 100 best companies to work for list year after year. :-)

These positions are in Charlotte, NC and Las Colinas, TX. If you are anywhere in the United States, you're just a few hours away from changing your life forever. Come and get it.

- Ned "I charge for autographs" Pyle

  • sniff sniff.. tear. Live in Lubbock but not moving to Dallas right now :(. 724746 is my dream job. Good luck in your search.

  • I'm guessing the DFSR portion of the interview would be brutal with you Ned :)

    Why do you all need "Strong knowledge of UNIX".  Do you get that many calls that deal with Unix/AD interoperability?

    good luck



  • Nah, I'm a kitty cat in interviews - usually I am trying to help people stop hyper-ventilating.


    That UNIX line is a legacy of our usual Platforms boilerplate. It's not really necessary or even that useful. Even when we work AD/UNIX/Linux cases - and we do work them occasionally - our main concern is the AD side. More specifically, LDAP, Kerberos, or PKI, where there is more interop.

  • Ned - can you give a bit more detail on what level you need to be at on the technical side? I am curious what someone in one of these positions is expected to know coming in.


  • Hi Dustin,

    If you're knowledgeable about:



    Active Directory


    Active Directory Replication Model

    Active Directory Replication Topology

    Group Policy

    Interactive Logon



    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    User Profiles

    ... then you will be in good shape. You can find good review materials for these here:


    It says 5 years experience on the job posting, but what really matters is IQ, practical  knowledge, logical thought, and communication skills; you will be working with hundreds of our customers, many of them decent engineers in their own right, so basement dwelling subgeeks need not apply.

    - Ned

  • Would it have to be out of the Dallas office or would the Houston Office be an option?


  • LC is as close as we offer - as long as you can handle the commute there's no reason to move. :)

  • Is there any chance in having guys from other countries willing to realocate? :)

    I was there in the Master-DS course and I was somewhat interested.


  • Hi Tiberius,

    You'll need to chat with your MS recruiter when you submit your resume about those options and scenarios - they intentionally keep us out of it.

  • So who's the new guy?