I Hate Mondays

I Hate Mondays

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The lesson here is if you go on vacation for a week, make sure your boss is gone too. Otherwise he will do this to your cubicle:

 Ned 016-small

HPIM1393-smallNed 021-small 

Ned 019-small

Which just goes to show how important a manager’s time really is, of course. Ah well, at least I got some cookies.


I hate you Mike.

- Ned “Neebler Elf” Pyle

  • very good prank, but fudge stripe cookies may be worth it.

    Tell him next time you will show them what a USMC blanket party feels like haha

    Hope you had a good vacation, talk to you later


  • :-D

    My wife thought AI whould paint him like the jolly green giant. I'll have to get him out for more than a few drinks, I reckon - he's a Newfie after all.

    Thanks Mike,


  • That is just too funny...I miss Charlotte sometimes!!!

  • We miss you too Andrew. :)

  • We already have plans for the next time he goes on vacation...

  • Ned:  Awww Shucks!

    David:  I hope to get there at some point.  Glad I got billable but I was so looking forward to being here last week to see everyone and the Win7 class.

  • Pity we don't have half as much fun here in redmond. Make sure you get him back real good.