AskDS is 63,072,000,000 milliseconds old today

AskDS is 63,072,000,000 milliseconds old today

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Two years ago the AskDS blog was created. A few days later we had our first post. A huge thanks to you for all of your questions, comments, and kind words over the years; we really appreciate them.


Ned 'Chuck E. Cheese' Pyle

  • Billions of milliseconds and millions of satisfied readers.  Great work Ned and the entire team there that works on the DS blog.  

    My only problem is that I can only convert dates when I'm using adfind with all the cool switches that joe has in there; luckily you converted it happy two year anniversary and looking forward to many more years and great articles.

    Talk to you later


  • Thanks!

    And give the new AD PowerShell in 2008R2 commands a try - datetime is much simpler now. :)

  • PS C:\Scratch> [datetime] "8/06/2009 14:31" - [datetime] "8/9/2007 09:30"

    Days              : 728

    Hours             : 5

    Minutes           : 1

    Seconds           : 0

    Milliseconds      : 0

    Ticks             : 629172600000000

    TotalDays         : 728.209027777778

    TotalHours        : 17477.0166666667

    TotalMinutes      : 1048621

    TotalSeconds      : 62917260

    TotalMilliseconds : 62917260000

    Close enough Ned :)