Hello Jose

Hello Jose

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Ned here again. I've added a new blog to our Useful MS Blogs section:

Jose Barreto's Blog

We've posted some of Jose's stuff before but now we're making it official. :-) Jose is the PM of DFS Namespaces and writes quite a bit of interesting and useful stuff. For example, some recent ones that really kick booty:

Five ways to check your DFS-Namespaces (DFS-N) configuration with the DFSDIAG.EXE tool

File Server Capacity Tool (FSCT) Release Candidate available for download

Using the Windows Server 2008 DFSUTIL.EXE command line to manage DFS-Namespaces

 It's not all DFS either, so definitely give it a shot.

- Ned 'Shoutout' Pyle

  • Nice one Ned, I didn't have Jose in my feeds, just added his blog.  Looks like a ton of great info on there. I also noticed he is on twitter.

    Does the DS Team have a twitter account to follow?

    Have a good weekend


  • We did have a twitter account - but it seems to have gone bye-bye. I'm looking around to see what's up there.

    And a good weekend to you too Mike,

    - Ned

  • Turns out that Craig turned it off, as we thought it might just be 'too much' for people to have to worry about rss, favorites, twitter (and we have nothing we can *micro*-blog about on this site, that's for sure).

    Here's your chance to pitch to us why it might be valuable - fire away. :-)

    - Ned

  • I do see the argument for turning it off but more and more I'm going to twitter just as much as my RSS feeds and twitter is getting to be main stream these days.

    You can also make this list


    Twitter for you guys would mainly be used for announcing a new blog entry and linking to it via bit.ly or some other service.  Although a 140 character DFSR entry could be fun :)

    Either way I'll be reading the blog.



  • Thanks, Ned!

    Really glad to join your list of useful blogs.

    Happy blogging to you!