MS Security Intelligence Report Volume 6 Released

MS Security Intelligence Report Volume 6 Released

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Ned here again. If you are at all interested in security, here is a must-read:

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 6 (July - December 2008)

This covers trends and perspectives on:

  • Software vulnerabilities (both in Microsoft software and in third-party software)
  • Software exploits
  • Security and privacy breaches
  • Malicious and potentially unwanted software
  • E-mail, spam, and phishing

It's not for the skimmer - it's 184 pages of very detailed analysis, and some of them are eye-opening. Such as the finding that industry-wide, roughly 90% of all vulnerabilities in this period were found to be in applications and browsers, not operating systems. What's your company's application patching strategy? What about your application vendors' strategy?

For a quick sum up read, check out the smaller 'Key Findings' download, or stop by the MS Malware Protection portal.

- Ned "Anti-Social Engineering" Pyle

  • Man Ned, everything you send out is in-depth :)

    Looks like its going to be an interesting 184 pages.  I'm glad these days Microsoft is seen as a leader when it comes to security (come after me Apple/Linux Fan boys)

    Patch Tuesday has been a big help compared to earlier this decade. It's also easy to deploy patches and updates. You all also publish a ton of great info and every OS is more secure than the last.

    DFSR will always be your middle name haha

    Talk to you later


  • :-D

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