Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) Available For Windows 7 Beta

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) Available For Windows 7 Beta

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Ned here. For those testing Windows 7 administration capabilities, this is for you.

Download here

This is the list of Windows Server 2008 administration tools which are included in Win7 RSAT Client:

Server Administration Tools:
• Server Manager

Role Administration Tools:
• Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Tools
• Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Tools
• Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) Tools
• DHCP Server Tools
• DNS Server Tools
• File Services Tools
• Hyper-V Tools
• Terminal Services Tools

Feature Administration Tools:
• BitLocker Password Recovery Viewer
• Failover Clustering Tools
• Group Policy Management Tools
• Network Load Balancing Tools
• SMTP Server Tools
• Storage Explorer Tools
• Storage Manager for SANs Tools
• Windows System Resource Manager Tools

If you need any kind of support, head on over to the TechNet forums or drop us a line here.

- Ned Pyle

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  • I've got an issue with the Find button when using any of the ADS snapins with x64 Windows 7. I had to add the /64 switch to my shortcut for Active Directory Users and Computers just to get it to open, but now when I hit find, I crash MMC.exe. Any ideas? I can be reached at MBaran at

    Matt Baran

    Server Support Analyst

    Princess Cruises

  • Hi Matt,

    I'm not able to reproduce this. Can you give me a bit more detail on the client configuration and repro steps?

    Thanks very much,


  • Windows 7 Technet build. Using x64 with the RSAT for Windows 7 x64. When I originally went to launch dsa.mmc, I would get C++ application errors, until I learned to launch mmc with the /64 command switch. When I click Find, It shadows out and gives me "Microsoft Management Console has encountered an error"

    It does generate an hdump file at the same time, if that's of any use..?

    I did do quite a bit of fiddling last week with the Vista RSAT kit (extracting it, placing files where they would go on a vista machine, etc..) but I would imagine that the RSAT for 7 installer would replace as necessary..

  • So I removed the remnants of the Server2003 SP2 adminpak and rebooted, removed the windows7kb for rsat, rebooted. Reinstalled the W7 RSAT msu, only chose the AD stuff, and still, when I choose my domain, and hit Find, I get a lockup..

  • Ok, my repro steps were ok them (minus the fiddling :) ). I cannot reproduce the issue with just a clean install of RSAT on Win7 Computer. Any chance you can give me more details about the fiddling, or better yet, install RSAT normally without doing any fiddling? :)

    Don't expect that the RSAT install will handle any situations where a Vista RSAT has been 'shimmed' on. That's not a scenario that Dev is going to be testing because in their eyes, Vista RSAT cannot be installed on Win7. So even if we find a bug, it's going to be out of scope. The only scenario this would get through is if you had upgraded an existing Vista with RSAT, then added the Win7 RSAT and ran into these issues (that's something I have not tried yet).

    This is great info though, keep it coming Matt. I really appreciate the feedback you're passing along.

    - Ned

  • No, it was a fresh install, minus what I had tried to get working on Friday.

    Does the hdmp file contain anything useful in trying to determine why?

  • It might - if you look at the data it might tell you which legacy file was loaded because the proper one was not selected (most likely scenario).

  • Stupid me never checked the event log. The faulting module is prinutui.dll version 6.1.7000.0. I've stopped the spooler, but I'm not sure what printui is responsible for..

  • It's the print settings user interface. The snap-in will load it when you click on FIND.

    Is yours version 6.01.7000.000, have a date of 12/13/08 and is 1,036,288 bytes?

  • It is 6.01.7000.000, 1,036,288 bytes, but is from 12/12, but all of my system files are from 12/12, so I'm guessing this is correct.


  • That may be a red herring anyways - i.e. another DLL being loaded is causing an access violation that involves the printui.dll (like that printui.dll loads another DLL, which causes printui.dll to crash, taking out the MMC), making him look like the cause, when he's really another victim.

    One thing you could try is using Process Monitor to see which DLL's are being loaded up during the crash, then examine those modules to mkae sure they are all 6.1 versioned and no 6.0 or 6.01.

  • Checked it, everything looks bueno, Can't quite figure out what would cause the crash.. it does a good number of registry lookups, but nothing suspicious.

  • One last thing to try would be to get a Process Monitor of a working system running Win7 and RSAT and just side-by-side them.

  • I thought Windows Server 2008 R2 was supposed to be the definitive product name?

    Server Manager in RSAT displays Windows Server 7 however :)