Windows 7 for TechNet and MSDN Subscribers

Windows 7 for TechNet and MSDN Subscribers

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Ned here. Come and get it... :)

Press Release 
TechNet Subscribers
MSDN Subscribers

For all others, you'll have to wait until Friday. Oh the humanity.

Just a quick reminder - unless you are part of TAP, TechBeta, or OEM Beta, you cannot get support for Windows 7. If you don't know what those three things are, you aren't in them. This goes for Premier customers, Pro customers, people with MSDN or TechNet Support 5-packs, and the rest - please don't bother trying to open a case with us about it.

This beta is for your evaluation purposes and general lovin', but do not use it for mission critical systems or where problems with your OS is going to cost you money. In short - use your head and enjoy the new OS goodness. :)

If you have already snagged it (public release, TechNet, MSDN, or.. otherwise) make sur to stop by the TechNet forums for any support or bug reporting. And you can always drop us a comment here too, naturally.

- Ned Pyle

  • Steve Ballmer announced during his CES keynote the immediate availability of the Windows 7 beta to TechNet

  • I understand there is no support for Technet/MSDN or Public downloads..But MSFT should at lease provide a way to report actual Bugs.. otherwise your missing out on important problems the your Test teams might miss

    if you click "submit feedback" in Win7 it links to which is a closed beta.. The only Windows7 support groups I found were on the link below.. is anyone from MS support or Dev monitoring these groups?

    if you want to see how difficult it is to report a bug to Microsoft see the link below..

  • Hi,

    Yes, if you look at some of the responses of that TechNet forum link you will see MS employees and MVP's answering questions. Those forums are also being examined everyday by MS developers, testers, and program managers.

    And if you look closely, you will see me. :) I've already filed one bug based on the findings of one customer.

    We're definitely listening very carefully, and helping when possible.

    - Ned