MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture

MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture

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Ned here again. Adam Shepherd (one of our esteemed UK MS Consulting colleagues) wanted us to let everyone know that there is a new Directory Services Core Infrastructure presentation coming soon. You will need to register for this and it will be delivered August 21, 2008. It specifically goes into the new DS features offered in Win2008 and how they should make life better in your environment. This is technical, so bring your thinking caps. And no need for your checkbook, this is free.

UK MCS blog (linked to post) 

Direct registration on Technet for the event

(And apologies for the short posting drought; there was a quantum vacation singularity - plenty more to come soon).

- Ned Pyle

  • And yes, I spelled checkbook correctly - sorry UK, chequebook doesn't cut it here in the colonies. :-P

  • lol, sounds nice. Especially to us in Russia. And to our bears too.

  • Just saw this on the “Ask the Directory Service Team” blog that they are going to have a webcast on Directory

  • Ask the Directory Services Team : MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture joeware - never stop exploring…