ADMT 3.1 Released

ADMT 3.1 Released

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Hi everyone, David here. I just wanted to spread the word that ADMT 3.1 is now available for download. Like all previous versions of ADMT, it’s free to install and use.

The big change in this version of the Active Directory Migration Tool is support for migration using Windows Server 2008 domain controllers.

Also included with this are new versions of the Password Export Service (for 32-bit and 64-bit DCs), and an updated migration guide, which we highly recommend for anyone planning to do a migration.

As always, if you’re planning on doing a migration project, we recommend testing carefully before doing anything with production computers and users.

- David Beach

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  • I would like to know if you can help me. I want to apply ADMT 3.1 for migrate windows users, computers, etc.

    But I'm having troubles with the profile migration, do you have some papers.



  • Hi,

    Have you already read through the migration guide?

    If that's not helpful, feel free to post your question here with some specifics and we'll take a swing at it. If it's going to be a huge effort (with data collection and network traces and whatnot), you might instead want to open a support case with us.

    - Ned

  • Hi everybody.

    I didn't find documentation about ADMT and DFS migration.


    W2000 AD Domain (only W2000 DCs);

    3 DC are the DFS Root target too;

    DFS target are W2003R2 only File Server;

    replica of the DFS root target is through DFS-R.


    I need to migrate this domain to a brand new W2008 based forest.

    Some advice about DFS service migration?



  • ADMT does not migrate DFS. However, this blog post from us covers your migration scenario:

    Migrating your DFS Namespaces in three (sorta) easy steps -

  • Hi everybody,

    again in the former scenario.

    What about WSUS?

    Is it raccomeded to reinstall from scratch in the new domain or is tehere a procedure in order to migrate WSUS from yhe old AD domain?



  • Hi,

    I asked our WSUS team and they provided the following info. Please direct all further questions about WSUS to their blog, which is:

    From those helpful guys:

    "You can use WSUSMigrate from the API Samples and Tools to export approvals and import those into the new server.

    a.) Download the WSUS3 version of the tool from here:


    b.) follow the WSUSMigrate readme located in program files\Update Services 3.0 API Samples and Tools\WsusMigrate. PLEASE use the recompiled version of wsusmigrationimport from here as there was a bug in the original version.  Please see the following for more info on that bug:;EN-US;945348

    You can obtain the updated tool from here:"

    - Ned

  • I need to migrate users from 2003 AD domain to 2000 AD domain. The source domain has 4 standalone DFS roots with 1000’s of shares and permissions.

    If I migrate all user accounts, groups, computer account to 2000 AD domain, and add all clinet systems and servers to the 2000 domain, I believe all migrated users [with SID history] should be able to access the DFS shares without any issue. Do I need to do anything else for DFS.

  • 2 Questions:

    1. using admt 3.0, on w2k3 domain, when browsing for domains I dont' see my win2k8 child domain. Is that expected? Can I migrate w2k3 to w2k8?

    2. Using admt 3.0 mig from w2k3 domain to another 2k3 domain (collapsing the old domain), some users are forced to logon to at "Temp" account which gives him/her a Temp profile and not the real one. Why?


    Gary olsen

  • 1. Can you explain more about how you have configured ADMT? Typically it would be installed in the target domain, but it almost sounds like you are migrating from 2008 *to* 2003 in this scenario? ADMT 3.0 supports migrating to a Win2003 domain. ADMT 3.1 supports migrating to a 2008 domain.

    2. So you migrated the profiles and security, but users cannot load their profile? Do they have permissions to those migrated profile folders and files?