Remote Server Administration Tools Released for Windows Vista SP1 (Hurray!)

Remote Server Administration Tools Released for Windows Vista SP1 (Hurray!)

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Ned here - this is a quick post that can't wait for the machine to spin up. :-)

The long-awaited Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) have been released for Windows Vista. These will allow administrators to use their Vista machines to manage their Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 infrastructure from the comforts of the cubicle. Come and get 'em.

Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x86-based Systems

Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems

After you install this, open Control Panel and start Programs and Features. Click Turn Windows Features on or off then scroll down to the Remote Server Administration Tools. From there you can turn on everything, certain things, or... nothing. Your call, unlike the old ADMINPAK.MSI...

- Ned Pyle

  • I agree with Richard here. It seems bizarre the setup team has chosen to release rsat in its current state, and worse that this is by design.

    It worries me whether the setup team fully appreciate how server admins actually use these tools in a live production environment. I use the adminpak tools every day in my job, and often perform many of the tasks Richard has mentioned as i'm sure many other Server Admins do. One of the most common being to stage a computer object for RIS.

    We are encouraged to embrace Microsoft technologies such as RIS and WDS, only to have the ability for managing them removed in rsat. This is baffling.

    Considering that MS are naturally trying to promote Vista, it amazes me that I can be effectively more productive on the XP/adminpak than i can on the shiny new rsat/Vista tools.

    This is definitely a step backwards, and i sincerely hope a revised version is released soon to correct these issues.


  • Played around with this a bit and figured out some steps to get a WINS snap-in functional on Vista (x86 version) for me.  First you'll need to gather up some files.  

    From a Windows Server 2008 X86 install with the WINS Server Tools, Administration Tools Feature installed you'll need the following files:  winsmgmt.msc and winssnap.dll.mui.

    From a Windows XP X86 system with the Windows 2003 R2 AdminPack Tools installed you will need WINSSNAP.DLL (the one from 2008 will not work).

    On your Vista management station in %systemroot%\system32, place:

    1) a copy of winsmgmt.msc


    In %systemroot%\system32\en-US, place:

    1)  a copy of winsmgmt.msc

    2)  winssnap.dll.mui

    Register WINSSNAP.dll using regsvr32 (must be run from an elevated command prompt)

    Create your shortcut to the snap-in (or copy from another system, making sure that you call the msc using the /s switch (%SystemRoot%\system32\winsmgmt.msc /s).

    All I can claim is that this worked for me.  If your Vista install is X64, then chances are you'd need to source the needed files from X64 2008 and X64 XP.  The msc and mui file in the en-US directory might not even be necessary, but I was using the way things were setup in 2008 as my guide, so I included them.

  • We’ve been at this for over a year (since August 2007), with more than 100 posts (127 to be exact), so